Welcome to another episode of Earn money online. Here we will be discussing about how to earn money from zwerl?

Before diving forward let us know what is zwerl.
CC: Zwerl App Apkure

What is zwerl?

Zwerl is an instant messaging or chatting application where you share your knowledge with the one who needs it and thus you got rewarded.
You can discuss over 10000+ topics which are included in Zwerl.

How to register on Zwerl?

  1. Open google play store from here
  2. Download and Install the application named Zwerl.
  3. Create your profile with your real details.
  4. Scroll down and put any referral code (if you have any ).
  5. While withdrawing your balance you may be redirected to your mobile's default browser. I recommend to use Google Chrome as a default one. Enter bank details carefully. You have to go to your profile on your browser app and then only can withdraw the amount.
  6. Now you're all set! You are ready to make $2-3 by answering some questions.

How Zwerl app works?

Zwerl is a  free instant conversational chatting App maintained by world's top experts and artificial intelligence.
It was created by some small entrepreneur but it attracts technology investors very rapidly who backed it up.

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