Howdy bloggers! Hope you are doing well. A warm welcome to you in this field. Blogging is the most effective way to earn money online.
Not only this, you can grow a vast amount of audience in front of you with a little effort. All you need is skill.
One thing I must tell you as a blogger, when I started my journey as a blogger I didn't know what is a blog. But today I am here. I hope and I wish you from my heart that if you continue gathering as well as helping people through your blog, you will be successful one day.

What you need as a blogger 

I am assuming you already know what is a blog. But in case if you don't know then please have a look at this article
Now, a blogger can be successful in different ways. Some are really passionate about their writing only. Some are earning money from it. A huge number of people nowadays started small online business also through their blogs.
So, you know there are a hundreds of ways through which a blog can be or assumed to be successful. It really depends on that particular blogger.
I always tried to gather more and more knowledge. As you know this is a "Make money online" blog which is in high demand.
So, I had to find a thousand ways to earn money online through a mobile or a laptop and then had to share with you. And honestly I love the way I do.

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Books should be the first choice for every blogger

I love reading and I know if you are a blogger you love it too. So, try to gather your knowledge and learn new things, new ideas about blogging. 
Now, there are two different ways of achieving it. First one is Internet, second is books. Books should be the first choice to accumulate knowledge to start career as a blogger.
Well, I would recommend you the below books, You can choose any one or all of those.